Drawing with pen

My drawing on clothes and other items (link below)

Drawing with pen

First of all here is the final pen drawing below:

And here is the making of video from my Youtube channel:

Here is a shorter version:

And finally few pics I took while I was drawing:

I have this ink drawing on clothing and other items too, here is the link if you wanna take a look: Redbubble

Again, I am new to drawing using ballpen or ink, so don't judge me and don't compare this drawing of mine with my pencil drawings, which is kinda my specialty. But I guess that I made a good job in this one.. or what do you think? you can share your opinion with me in instagram, and follow me there if you're not already.

The thing with drawing using pens or ink is that the option to erase is disabled, so you have to have a high level of confidence, so if you know an artist who draws decent pen drawings then you should really appreciate their artworks because they reached a new artistic level.

I admit that it took me longer than it should to start drawing with pens after decades of drawing with pencils, but better late than never right? I also still consider drawing more as a hobby and not a profession, I recently started getting into taking the next step, being a professional artist, I acquired enough skills and experience to draw people's portraits.

The first thing that attracted me in pen drawings is the blue color, I don't think I will draw with a black pen but maybe other colors like red or even green, there is something special about blue pens, maybe because that was the pen color I used in school back in the days.

The second thing I always liked about pen sketching is the easiness, you can mostly find a pen and a piece of paper anywhere, which is not the case for pencils, they are not everywhere, especially good quality artistic pencils. So you do have a chance to draw in a cafe, library, park, subway or public transportation.. literally anywhere.

The third thing is that it is a new challenge for me, I have been stuck in pencil sketching for so long that I need to know if I can still learn a new skill or not, if I can still evolve as an artist and develop new aspects of my creativity, and what artist does not like a good challenge, right?

And finally it is because i have noticed that colored drawings do better in social media platforms, because I am not going to lie to you and tell you that I don't care about people's reactions, I actually do, I don't care to a point that it would affect my self confidence but I still do care a little bit. It is also a way to measure your performance and evolution.

Anyway, I hope that you like this new pen drawing of mine, if you have any feed back do not hesitate to share it with me. Thank you again for sticking around. have an artistic day.

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