Body Transformation - NO WORKOUT No Exercise - Healthy Weight Loss - Trailer


Body Transformation - NO WORKOUT No Exercise - Healthy Weight Loss - Trailer

Watch the Weight loss journey trailer here:

This is a trailer to my upcoming wight loss journey documentary that is coming soon.. Follow my instagram for insights: This is not the kind of content that I usually publish on here, but since I started my body transformation Journey I thought about sharing it with people, maybe it would be an inspiring source of motivation to someone, especially that so far my body transformation didn't include any workouts or exercise, at the end of the video I started doing minor workouts, not going to the gym yet, it will be later in the next step, because I am planning to building some muscles, so basically my body transformation is from fat to fit..

I am not into having big muscles or anything, I just want to healthy body with as less fat as I could. There was no secret or magic recipes in my journey, I wasn't even following a diet, all I did was cutting sugar, and lowering my daily bread intake (where I am from, we eat bread in every meal) plus some other healthy habits like not eating at night, drinking water a lot, sometimes starting the day with lemon juice... I will go in more details about what I did in another video, if this one people curious. I'm just testing waters so far.

What I did use is my own will, so you will need a strong will to change your unhealthy habits and to stick to whatever weight loss plan you decided to follow. Because consistency is key. You will need to work on the mental side of losing weight too. It is not only physical. In the video I have set my goal to getting back to my 70kg (154,324 lbs) at the start I was 80kg (176,37 lbs) you may think that it's not a lot, especially for the long time I took but then there is NO workout, just walking, And according to everything I read, losing weight fast is never good, it is not healthy to drop many Kilos in a short period of time, you should take it easy on your body so that the transition and transformation goes smoothly.

Me losing weight and embracing a new healthy lifestyle is not a temporary thing that I am doing to have six packs for the summer, it is a radical change that would hopefully be permanent, so I am not in a hurry, I am taking baby step, slowly but surely getting where I want to be. right now the next step is starting a workout routine at the gym, I wasn't following any specific weight loss recipes, but now I need some muscle building recipes, and I am planning to do that in the healthiest way possible. Doesn't matter how long it would take me, as long as I get the healthy body that I want at the end.

I hope that my body transformation and weight loss journey was motivating and inspiring enough to you, if you have questions before I post the full documentary video feel free to ask me, either here or in Instagram. Thank you for sticking around!

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