How to Draw Billie Eilish - easy Step by Step tutorial for beginners

How to Draw Billie Eilish - easy Step by Step tutorial for beginners

If you want to draw Billie Eilish in a cartoon way and get the same result that you see in the picture then take a piece of paper, 2 pencils one dark 2b and one light 2h, and eraser  and follow my lead, do exactly as I do.
Take the lighter pencil and draw the shape of the face not round, not ellipse
then draw 3 lines inside of it:
One for the placement of the eyes, one for nose and one for the mouth.
and then the central line, which is not exactly in the middle in our case. it doesn't have to be perfect, if you make a mistake use the eraser and try again slowly till you get it right.

If you can't get the shape right, you can download it below and do the tracing trick on, it's not cheating it will just help you get the proportions right.

You may watch the video tutorial on youtube below:

Once you got the shape of the face, move on to the hair.
always using the lighter pencil, or if you don't have a lighter one just use any pencil you have and hold it lightly, don't draw strong solid lines, at least not yet.
Define Some key points in the intersections of the different guidelines you drew like I did in the video, or just define them however you want.. as long as you get the same result.

continue with the hair, still with the lighter pencil
Don't be afraid to make mistakes, you can always use the eraser, or the undo button if you're drawing on a tab or any digital platform.
The footage in the video is accelerated to save you some time, I usually draw much slower than that, you too you should take your time to get the best lines possible.
and if the video is going too fast for you, pause it till you finish drawing what you draw, or change the playing speed for the whole thing,
every now and then I delete some guidelines, to get a clear vision..
If like the result of what you draw so far, simply start using the dark pencil to get strong lines, do not use it untill you're confident to, because it creates a mess when you want to delete.
Feel free to move the paper in every direction you want, to make it easier for you to draw, for me in the video I was moving from side to side but just for the sake of the video. I usually turn the paper to get the best drawing position.
Keep on drawing and deleting every line you don't like, this is how you learn, many people don't like it when you tell them you have to practice to get better at drawing but it's the truth, practice makes everything easier.
your drawing doesn't have to be exactly like mine with the same number of curves and lines and all, if you are simply happy with the result you got, then it's fine, move on to drawing other features.
You have to be very careful drawing the eyes and eyebrows, because eyes are the most important features in portrait drawings.
defines some points to help you with the placement of each eyebrow, take your time and don't be afraid to not get it correctly from the first try.
In our case Billie Eilish has thick eyebrows that could be drawn by a little arc ish line at the bottom, and some kind of triangle at the top..
Again, once You're satisfied with the result, start using the dark pencil.
The upper part of the nose of Billie Eilish is simply curvy lines, the right one is exactly on the central line and the left one is under the edge of the right eyebrow..
the lower part of the nose takes almost 1/3 of the face, and it is in the center. it is a little big, the right nostril is more visible than the left one.
Now the most important part, the eyes.
The eye is in the space between the nose and the edge of the head, leave a little space from each side, and put 2 dots, then draw a small arc between them like in the picture, take all your time, erase and draw again if you don't like the result.
the lower eyelid is also a small arc ish line but it has a curve near the right side.
then draw the circle of the eye that would look more like an ellipse, in our case the eyes are looking up so the upper part of the ellipse will be hidden under the upper eyelid, and so will be the upper part of the pupil too.
Like I said, don't rush it, eyes are extremely important.
Once you're happy with the result, use the dark pencil again, add some eyelashes, and darken the pupil, and add some eyeliner too by making the eyelids bold at the left edge of the eye.
and do the same with the left eye they have to look almost perfectly symmetrical
You may add few eyelashes here and there.. and few short lines around.
Now moving to the mouth.
we already have a line for the mouth, but we need another one for the lower lip that would be somewhere in the middle between the mouth line and the shape we drew at first.
The mouth edges will be roughly under the edges of the nose but a little bigger
the upper lip is a little smaller than the other one so we will just go a little up the line and start drawing it.
the lower lip is simply a round ish line, and the chin line right under it.
Like the result? cool just delete the guidelines and use the dark pencil.
And finally the chin and the jaw line.
And here we go, you can even stop here if you want, it is a good drawing so far, but if you want, you can continue making it even better.

let's draw tears
Draw a thin line from the center of the eye, all the way to the chin in a curvy way, like so.. if it's good then draw another thin line parallel to it and add a small drop at the end. Same thing for the left eye..
You can also fill the eyebrows
Back to the hair, use both the light and dark pencil to darken some areas with different degrees, to give your drawing some depth..
if you only have one pencil, you can have two or more degrees of darkness by playing along with how strong you press on it..

Billie Eilish has a shiny green hair so simply leave the top of head light, and darken the sides a little bit.
Fill the lips, but not in one solid color like the eyebrows, leave the middle of the lower lip almost white, to give it a shinny look, and add some shadow in a zigzag-ish lines around the lips like so... used sizzag ish for the lack of a better word..
Remove any guidelines left or any unwanted lines ..
final step is to add some shadow to the face, around the forehead, around the eyes, under the nose, and around the chin.
You can even do some blending, using a blending stick if you have one, or just a small piece of paper, or even your finger like I did, but be careful with this technique, it can ruin your drawing if you misuse it.
That's it, let me know if you tried this drawing and how was your result.. you can even colorize it if you have color crayons  or you can even do it on Photoshop like I did.
see you in the next tutorial.
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