Alienized - Movie trailer #2 - Teaser

Alienized - Movie trailer Number 2 - Teaser

This is the second official trailer of the short film that I have been working on for Years now, it will finally be available on my Youtube Channel very soon. So subscribe to be among the first lucky ones who will see it once it comes out ^_^
Sorry for keeping you waiting all this time, I had some technical issues in the post production phase, related to the sound and the editing.

Watch the Short movie trailer - teaser on my youtube channel right now:

In this second trailer I used a trailer voice, it was not the first time i do it, but this time I kinda tried to make it funny.. it's autogenerated by the way, there are softwares and even websites that offer that service, you type your text and they transform it into speech.. Anyway, as the purpose of the trailer is to push people to watch the full movie I said it clearly with the trailer voice "if you wanna know just watch the *** movie" which kinda worked because some people found it funny and were looking forward seeing the finished project.
So remember, when you are creating a trailer for your movie, don't give away the full story, build up suspense, leave some questions an answered, and finally if your movie is a comedy then try to show a preview of it in the trailer.

The short film's original idea is mine, the script was entirely writteen by me too, except the TV reporter part that my friend Matt changed and wrote another one himself, this short movie was filmed using Smartphones (Iphone 6 - Iphone 5 - Samsung Galaxy S2 - Samsung Galaxy S2, then edited on sony vegas pro, effect made on sony vegas and adobe after effects..

This film trailer - teaser has a little bonus, which is some of the outtakes, bloopers and behind the scenes takes.. It's always funny and enjoyable to watch the fails and stuff that will not be included in the final version of the movie, do not hesitate to check it out, I will post more behind the scenes and probably a small interview in a separate post afterwards.

Smail Jr.......................Hubby
Britney Rollins................Wife
Matt Wilburn........TV Reporter

Special Thanks:
Omar Elmghari, My Dear friend, for lending me some LEDs for the lighting system I have used.
Belkou Amine, For letting me use his office as a studio for the TV reporter part.
Mohamed Naciri, for letting me use his Smartphone in one scene.
Taoufik: for heling me and being the cameraman sometimes
Khalid Bilali, for his help in the logistiques
Andrew from the UK for the Alien Mask

Music and soundtracks:
"Oppressive Gloom" & "Sneaky Snitch"
By: "Kevin MacLeod"

Update: The short film entitled Alienized is finally online, you can watch it in my youtube channel, and you can read a full blog post i wrote about it here
So far the reactions to it were mostly good, it was shared in few film making forums and social media groups, the negative remarks I got abaout it 
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