Alienized - First Official Movie trailer

Alienized - First Official Movie trailer

This is the first official trailer of my next short movie Alienized. it has been a very long time since I started working on it and it's still not finished yet. so far it's the longest project I worked on ever, I have never taken years in making one short film. But anyway, I finally managed to create a real trailer and to post it on my youtube channel. I have already made one trailer-like before but it was basically just the part where the TV reporter announces an alien invasion on earth, the problem is that the sound was not of great quality, you can check the post I'm talking about here.

The short movie is about a young couple where the husband is suspecious that his wife is an alien, or that his wife is actually an alien shapeshifter who took her body, all that after watching the breaking news on the TV that said that aliens have invaded earth and that they could be disguized as anyone you know, they could be your loved ones, like your wife and husband.. Another thing is that the husband smokes some "stuff", and that has effect on his thinking.. I am not gonna spoil the plot because I want you to watch the movie once it's availale online. 

Here is the Official Trailer of my upcoming Short Film on YouTube:

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The movie is appropriate for all audiences, many people saw this picture at the beginning of the movie trailer but nobody paid attention to who rated the movie lol, it's the Motion Picture Association of Planet Uranus, Inc of course there's no such thing, it's just a funny touch that I added at the end.
But on the other hand the movie is clean, and can be watched by anyone regardless of age, no adult content, no bad language or anything. 

Some people told me that I rose the bar high by making a trailer that looks professional, so now I am forced to work hard to make the movie look professional hollywood-like too.. it's not easy since there were so many issues in the filming, especially with the sound and the lighting. We also had an issue about the time, we had only one day to film everything, day scenes and night scenes, so in the final version of the movie there will sure be some mistakes (hopefully no one will notice them). The last thing is the music, I managed to get some royalty free music from Kevin MacLeod, but I contacted the international mobile film festival administration and they told me that I must provide proof that I have the right to use the music. I wish that everythting will go smooth in that matter.
Which leads me to tell you this: always think about everything ahead of time, do not make the same mistakes I made. For the music, look around you, there would certainly be some amateur beginner artists that are looking for exposure, you can get their music for a cheap price and in the other hand they will also help spreading the word about your movie between their friends and fans.. of if you did not find any, you can look online for beginner artists, there are plenty on soundcloud and similar website..
I am going to talk in details about all these things in the new tutorial series that I am working on about how to make a movie on a low budget, so stay tuned.

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