Beauty and the Guitar

Beauty and the Guitar

I did not make a speed drawing video for this drawing artwork but I went live on my facebook page twice as I was drawing it, only for less than a minute though. As I have told you before, making a speed drawing video is not as easy as some people think, it take a lot of time and effort and props, and for someone like me, sometimes I just want to have a moment with myself without having a recording device next to me watching me drawing and that I have to pay attention to all the time. I am actually thinking seriously about stopping the time lapse videos, because at the end only very few people watch them so it is not worth the energy spent on making them.

Anyway, I am really proud of this drawing, it took me so much time and energy but I fell in love with the outcome right away, I concider this to be one of my masterpieces. I actually loved the original picture maybe that's why, it is soo artsy. It took me days to finish it (wasn't working on it the whole day of course) 
The girl (beauty) in the drawing is a free spirited hippie beautiful soul that is a friend of mine on facebook, I really like her posts, she is very enlightened.
The Guitar added some real value to the drawing, I love guitars, too bad I'm not that great in playing it, and too bad that I am always delaying the guitar classes that I always wanted to take.. But there's just something fascinating about guitars, the shape, the sounds, the decoration.. everything.
So yeah.. music, guitar, beauty.. that's what inspired me to draw this artwork that i hope you like.
As always I used my usual set of pencils: HB 2H 2B 8B (I decided to make a video review about the pencils I use in my pencil drawings so that you have an idea). For blending I used my paper blending stick and also some tissues and my fingers somtimes too (yeah it was a lot of work) so many details and any small mistake could ruin the whole picture. so I had to be very careful and very precise about where to blend and where to shade.. I also used my usual eraser few times.

You might notice that there are some drawings that are missing in my website, it is because the posts they were in have some sensitive words (I won't make the mistake to mention them again lol) they made google think that the content of my website is not family friendly :( so I deleted all the suspicious drawings and texts, I will reupload them soon with better problem-free textual expressions and tags, so stay tuned.

Beauty and the Guitar is the first non portrait drawing that I post this year, if you like it then don't hesitate to share it on all your social medias, and also don't hesitate to follow me, it really helps a lot, I'm always grateful to my faithful fans who are still sticking with me after all these years YOU ARE THE BEST! Thank you :)

Be grateful for each new day, it is a gift to you, do not waste it, do whatever makes you happy
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