Portrait Pencil Drawing

Portrait Pencil Drawing

Back to drawing after a short break, This is a friend of mine from Brazil, her name is Juliane Rocha, She is a Brazilian professional dancer, she makes her own dance moves and choregraphies. She also have few videos of music dancing on her youtube channel. I've known her for a while now, her facial structure is perfect for drawing, I always liked her face. 

As usual I used the set of my beloved pencils, mostly 2H and 2B, one for the light areas and the other for the darker ones, but I don't remember which one for what area. This time I tried to blend using a peace of paper tissu or I don't know how are they called (the one we use to wipe our noses??). I still used the paper blending tool too, but the piece of paper gave me a better result.

If you want to watch the speed drawing (time-lapse) of this portrait here is the video 

This portrait took me three days to draw, well not the whole day of course, it took me couple hours each day, and yes it is a long time, I am a slow drawer and I took good care of every small detail. I also drew in very bad conditions.. I wasn't sitting right so now my back is killing me.. too much informations.
So kids, it is very important to take care of the conditions you are working in, make sure you sit up right. Posture is very important. do not make any compromisation, health must always come first, and do not get used to drawing in bad conditions, it will become a habit and the more you do it the harder it becomes to get rid of it.. If you do not have a good desk and chair, don't draw untill you get one, simple as that

 I hope you liked this new portrait pencil drawing and Stay tuned, more celebrities and more portrait drawings coming soon on my channel and my facebook page, and if you haven't yet please subscribe to my channel and like my facebook page too. a lot of artwork is waiting for you there :)

It is amazing how I have no clue about how the algorithms of all these sites work.. Like search engines.. Because logically to me, this pencil drawing and other artwork pieces that I posted before deserve more attention, they took me a lot of effort, blood and tears so they deserve to go viral but of course it does not work like that, so they go unnoticed, while other drawings and other posts that were relatively easy to make are getting viral in a very little amount of time.. So unfair, but what can you do? that is why I stopped thinking about these stuff, I just draw and create artwork and post it, regardless of what will happen.. But then a little recognition will not hurt anybody (that was my ego talking)
If only I knew something about the SEO (search engine optimization) that could help me alot... But still, nothing is gonna stop me from drawing, portrait, or cartoons or anything.
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