Short Horror Movie Trailer

Short Horror Comedy Movie Trailer

Due to some technical issues, my next short movie Alienized have taken longer time than I was expecting, also because the actress I was planning to work with changed her mind. It is really not easy to find a young girl that speaks good English and that would be interested in acting in a short movie in Morocco, it's a struggle..

I have started filming officially in June last year (2016) and was expecting the final short horror comedy movie to be ready by halloween 2016. But things didn't go well, hopefully we will be able to make it happen this coming halloween.. Anyway I recently uploaded the small part that I shot last year as a test trailer, just to get some feedback and see what people think of it and get some opinions about stuff to be changed or added.
You can watch it here

You may notice that the music in the trailer is kinda loud, I did it on purpose because I have changed the voice of the reporter because it wasn't registered well (mic problems) it was full of noises, so I changed it with a text-to-speech voice but it sounded kinda robotic, that's why I made the music louder. Apparently it was not a brilliant idea..So I guess I have to find a better way or to go back to the original voice.

I want to thank my friend Matt Wilburn who made the TV reporter part and gave me his best.. Also special thanks to my friend Amine Belkou for letting me film in his office and the technical support, and also my friend Mohamed Tahiri for his support.

If things go smoothly this time the movie will be available on youtube on my youtube channel, and it will also be sent to few amateur films festivals around the world.
I have already sent my first movie Guilty Conscience to few ones but was not lucky enough, because the quality of lighting was not good, you can watch it here: Short Horror Comedy Movie Guilty Conscience
Actually that was the main reason why I wanted to make a better movie, because I watched the other short films that were in the competition and I knew I have a chance to compete.. I just need to have an original idea and deliver it in the best way. So I was inspired by few movies here and there, and since most people love horror films (I don't know why) and I love comedy ones I decided to make a movie that has both sides.. I must say it's more comedy than horror but it still could be scary to some lol.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or comments, you are welcome to contact me either here or through my facebook page.
Or through my other social medias

Thank you all for your support and wish me luck :)

I finally found the the best actress  for the role and the movie will be available soon

Update 2:
The movie IS available, you can check it out in this article
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