Party - Video and Lyrics

Party - Rap Song, Video and Lyrics

Ok, let's take a break from drawing, as you may already now, music is one of my other passions, I do NOT claim to be a singer or a rapper, I did it just for fun, along with my friends back in the days we were having fun composing music and writing lyrics and rapping, I never intended to be a professionnal rapper or a singer..
I tried to have something new in every song, like in this one for example I tried autotune for the first time, after watching tutorials and reading about it, I applied it in the chorus of my song, it sounded good in my ears for an amateur, so I wrote down some rap lyrics and recorded this demo, was always thinking about redoing it or recording it professionnally but never had the chance to, also the video was just a demo, I kept telling myself that I will remake it in HD mode but it never happened either! anyway, here is the song video

And here are the lyrics:

We gonna have a party (Yeaaaaahhhh)
Listen everybody (listen everybody)
Me and my shawty (Yeaaaahhhhh)
We gonna rock it hard and dirty (rock it hard and dirty)
Gonna have a party (Yeaaaaahhhh)
Listen everybody (listen everybody)
Me and my shawty (Yeaaaahhhhh)
We gonna rock it hard and dirty (rock it hard and dirty)

[Vers: 1]
One to the two and two to the one
Smail is in the house to have a little be of fun
Call me Hellxfun if you don't know my name
and I don't give an "F" about money or fame
Turn the music up and move your body to the track
Come on everybody 'n' if you a hater step back
This tune is for me and for my homies not for you
So why you keep on hating on me and hating my crew?
We doing this for laugh it's just like a game
If you don't like kiss me in what begins with an "A"
free (free) your mind let the music make you feel fine
no descriminations everybody can join
take a move step up and shake it to the flow
Dance to the beat and enjoy the show
if you don't know how to dance I'll give you steps to follow
Just forget about your troubles and let yourself go!
because we..


[Vers: 2]
We gonna rock it all night till dawn
Come on baby show me how you move you body 'round
I like it when you move your body up and down
I like it when you make your b***y touch the ground
You're the only one to make me so hot and sweaty
I'm taking you to V.I.P so tell me when you ready
No one else baby just you and me
You know I love it when you bellydance on me
Let me get close to you and do me a favor
Let me get a little taste of your sweet flavor
One kiss of your lips would make me fly
One touch would make my blood pressure high
We should get outta here I wanna take you home
gonna be  hot you and me in my room
But what's gonna happen up there is private
that's why I ain't telling you anything about it (haha haha)


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