Inverted Colors Drawing of a cat

Inverted Colors Drawing of a cat

You might theink that I drew this little cat with white pencil on a black paper.. Wrong answer, I drew it just like I drew all my other drawings, dark pencils on white paper, but with inverting the colors.

This is step by step how I drew this color inverted drawing on video, I didn't make a timelapse this time due to some technical reasons, but I took few pictures of the process.. I am sure that you will get the idea anyway, try it, it's easy and fun, you should just have a software to invert colors of pictures, like photoshop:

this is the first time for me to try drawing inverted picture, or a negative photo, I only thought about that because I like the kitty cat, and also because it's white, has a lot of white lines, the only way to get it right in to invert the picture and draw it in black pencil because I don't use white cryons.. and I really like the result of this inverted colors drawing, the black background gave it a deep beautiful look, the feeling of it is different.. I'm already thinking about drawing some more inverted colors pictures

How to draw a colors inverted picture? very easy follow the steps in the above video: 
First, if you are not using colors, your photo must be in black and white, then invert its colors, now draw from the negative picture, (the white is black and the black is white) once you are done drawing, simply invert the colors again.. and there you go, you have an amazing color inverted drawing on a black background.
Works great for the pictures with large dark areas, because when you color invert it you will have fewer dark areas in its negative version, hence less areas to fill.

I still don't have a dedicated cathegory to drawing animals because I did not draw many of them so far, only this cat, a tiger, and a horse, I think that's it, so not enough to have a whole section, maybe if I added couple animal drawings it would be enough.. Let's wait and see what happens. Because drawing animals is not easy as it may seem, I mean for example human faces are simple and clear, not many details even with beards and hair, but animals have a lot of details, and the shapes are different too, so if you are not used to drawing animals you will struggle just like I did when I drew a white tiger (see post HERE) that took me a whole week of work and energy, but I really liked how it turned out.. Even if it didn't get the attention it deserves.

I hope you like this colors inverted drawing, for more feel free to check my other videos and to visit my facebook page.

Thank you so much!
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