Pikachu drawing on the wall

Pikachu drawing on the wall

Pokemon go, I must say that I do not play this game, but it has been everywhere lately, I see new posts about pokemon go everyday in my facebook newsfeed and other social medias, so I decided to draw something about it, and since the famous pokemon of all time is Pikachu and everyone loves pikachu I decided to draw him, or is it her?? I really don't know so let's say I decided to draw them? that sounds better.
I have nothing against people that are playing pokemon go, I do not say that they are irresponsible or childish or anything, but I am usually careful with anything that gets too much attention from the media, it could be a distration or a social experience to study the human behavior or it could be anything, A little of a conspiracy theorist I know.
AGAIN I am NOT saying that the game is evil or that the players are immature.. I'm just like that, I will wait and see. in the meanwhile enjoy playing pokemon go, there's nothing wrong with having fun even as adults.

Here is the "making of" video (it was a hot day)

I have seen videos where adult people are playing pokemon go and they are having a lot of fun, many of them are funny, some even said that they made new friends :) if there is anything good about this game i think it would be this new way of socializing
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stay tuned, more drawings, and portraits and drawing tutorials are coming soon.

2 years later.. nobody's talking about the game pokemon go.. people even forgot about it, so was it a distraction? or a social study? I have no idea, maybe it was just a trend and now it is over?? But I must say that I have never witnessed a game that got so much attention in a short period of time.. Just like the cartoon itself, Pokemon was a huge thing back in the day when it first came out..
Also the I don't live in the room where I drew pokemon any more, it was rented and now I moved.. I wonder if the new person who's renting the place still keeps my drawings on the wall. I spent in that appartment about 4 years, it was the best time of my life, I wish I could buy the whole building and live there all my life.. But life goes on, I am not complaining.. I even changed cities now, change is always hard at first but little by little you get used to it and everything start to look better. The city where I live now is growing in me, I can't deny that I started to love it, which was not the case when I first moved to it.
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