Scary Trick easy to make and to PRANK ppl with

Scary Trick easy to make and to PRANK ppl with

I used pens to draw the scary mouth with sharp teeth, it is the first time for me to draw with pens, I always thought it would be hard but I actually liked it, and the outcome was cool, made me think of starting to draw using pens. 
You may also paint it if you are a good painter, now that would be a different story for me, I think sometimes that I should do it, and many people told me that I would be good at it, but I don't know, I kinda like what I do with pencils, I feel it is the thing for me..

This is a very simple trick that I did the other day, it could be easily made and you can Prank your friends and family with, maybe in halloween, I drew the scary mouth but you could just find a pic of a scary mout on the internet, the point is to look like you're opening your mouth by your own hands while actually you're just holding a pic of a scary mouth.

And to tap it all, I added some monster screaming to the video, but being the good person I am, I warned people who are watching the video to be careful because of the loud screaming :) I personally don't like scary pranks when they go extreme, last halloween I have seen some really exagerated scary pranks that could really cause some damages. those people should really think.. what if someone has a heart condition? you never know, and it is also dangerous for kids, they could be traumatized for life.

anyway, I warn you again, there is a loud screaming in the video

As I said, be very careful when doing scary pranks, it might be funny for you but not to the one that got pranked, especially kids, it might leave scars in them that will stay with them for life. There are many good way to prank people without scaring them, and noif you do that it does not make you cool or anything, you just prove to yourself and to people that you're a careless waste of human.. I am sorry if I sound harsh or something but I have really seen enough, those pranksters are really taking a dark road, for example the "RUN" pranks, when someone throws a black bag on people and they get scared anad run away, that is really not cool, they just keep the stereotypes going, or the clown with the big hammer, or th dog that wears some kind of spider body that make it look like a giant spider following people, WHAT ON EARTH is that? what some peopl are doing for the sake of likes and views is really beyond my understanding, and what I don't understand more is people who like to watch those videos.. why? do they have mental disorders? they should get checked, and by the way many of those pranks are fake, I can easily spot fake pranks and social experiments, but I'm talking about the real ones.. really sad.
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