Guitar acoustic song - Falling in love with you

Guitar acoustic song - Falling in love with you

First acoustic song I have made, back in 2009, music and guitar by my brother Abdel, you may check his music in his youtube channel just search for "khaliman2006"

This is not the first time I remake the song "Falling in love with you" by "Elvis Presly" I already used the chorus in one of my old rap songs, I just love this song so much.. and this time I used almost the same lyrics with little changes to fit the new genre.

I made a Dynamic typography video for this song, it's also the first time I make this kind of videos, even if it's a basic beginners one it still looks good and entertaining, I think about doing more professional ones in the future. 

Anyway, here's the link to the song video

And here are the Lyrics:

you know they keep telling im crazy  
im out of my mind that's what they said
when I told them all I feel for you
and how you changed a lot in me too
and how im happy when I am with you
my life won't be the same because of you
since I know you im not a lil boy no more 
they're jealous cause they can't have a girl like you

Chorus (X2)
wise men say only fools rush in
but I can't help falling in love with you
should I stay, would it be a sin
if I can't help falling in love with you


I know that you're sick of them guys
and everyday you hear the same old lies
I know you've been treated really bad
but you're a queen and you should know that
baby give me a chance to make you smile
give me your hands and close your eyes
just trust in me and you will be fine
girl I'm asking you to be mine.

Chorus (X4)

What I found out after showing this song to many of my female friends, is that they can all rely, they all wish that they find someone who would fall in love with them in that way, to be honest with you I was inspired by an ex when I wrote this song, I kinda did it for her, but then it applies on anyone, like anyone can dedicate it to their lover. And I don't mean in anyway that I am a real singer, I said it many times before, I do it just for fun because.. why not? I have a youtube music channel in case you didn't know. and please subscribe to it to get the latest updates, I don't only post my own songs, I also post other music-related content sometimes. The first song posted was a song called "why not me" the lyrics were about how everyone started singing even people that have no talents and singing skills, so why can't i do the same? and why can't you? if you feel like singing, just do it, it does not harm anybody, some people will like your work, some will not, just like with anything else you do in your life.

Thank you so much for your patience
Peace and love to you
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