How to draw manga girl for beginners

How to draw manga girl for beginners

Easy step by step tutorial

Welcome to this tutorial for absolute beginners on how to draw a manga anime girl's face step by step easily detailed and explained.
If you prefer to watch this tutorial guide on video then here is the link

(if you are already drawing Mangas and Animes or comic books, then this tutorial might not be for you)

Tools needed:
As I always say to beginners, you do not need a full set of pencils, only two are enough or even just one if you know how to use it (for this drawing I used two pencils: H2 and B2 and an eraser of course).

Step 1:
Start by drawing a random circle that would mostly be the shape of the face, then a vertical line in the middle and two horizontal lines, one in the middle and one under the circle see figure:1-(a)

Step 2:
Draw the line of the manga girl chin, you may use just pick a random point, or you may use the method shown in figure:1-(b)

Step 3:
Draw 2 lines about 60° to 80° to the horizontal line, those would be the cheeks guidelines  figure:1-(c)

Step 4:
Link the dots and draw the shape of the lower face like shown in figure:1-(d)

Step 5:
Draw the lines of the neck, you may use this method shown in figure:2-(a) to calculate where to start drawing the neck, or you may just use your own way.

**the lower part of the face is ready to be drawn by the darker pencil now**

Step 6:
Draw two horizontal lines to define the eyes placement, you may use the method shown in figure:2-(b) (use more than 1/4 if you want smaller eyes) or you may just define randomly, 

**in manga drawings, big eyes are for younger characters and small ones are for mature characters**.

Step 7:
Drawing the manga girl's eyes:
the vertical guide line devides the face in two part, draw the eyes almost in the middle of each half, don't make them too far or too close from each other.
draw part by part, start by the upper rim and the lower one, then the iris which is more like ellipse than a circle. inside the iris there's another smaller ellipse (the pupil of the eye) which would be darker, and one or 2 light reflection points that you must avoid while filling other areas. make sure that the outline of the iris and the pupil are dark, and the rest of the iris is light.
Draw eyelashes on the side of each eye.. 
you may darken and add shadows in some areas to enhance the look of the eyes. see figure:2-(c)

Step 8:
Drawing the nose is pretty easy in anime characters, use the middle guideline to define the placement just like shown in figure:2-(d)

**Delete the guidelines you don't need anymore**

Step 9:
draw the mouth of the anime girl character depending on her mood, the easiest way is to draw two small horizontal lines, the upper one is lightly longer than the lower one, see figure:3-(a)

Step 10:
Draw the ears, use the method shown in figure:3-(b) to calculate the placement. since the manga girl is facing us, her ears would be just something like half ellipe on each side, most parts of the ears will be covered with hair later anyway so no need to spend too much time on them.

Step 11:
Draw the eyebrows of the manga girl depending on her mood, the one we are drawing now is happy so her eyebrows would be rising like shown in figure:3-(c)
You may use the horizontal guidline to define the placement of eyebrows

Step 12:
Drawing the hair:
anime hair is drawn in the same technique, curved lined from the right to the left or from left to right, depending on the haircut and the length you want start drawing the hair using the lighter pencil see figure:3-(d)
if you're happy with the hair you drawn so far, then delete the guidlines left and every ares that would be covered by hair (eyebrows, ears...) and start applying the darker pencil, see figure:4-(a)

**Combine light and dark pencil in drawing hair lines to give it a more realistic look**

Step 13:
The final step is to add shadow wherever is needed to give your drawing a more realistic look (under the chin, on the sides of the neck, above the eyes, the line of the nose...) see figure:4(b)

You're done, congratulations, your manga girl face drawing is ready!
Hope that this tutorial was helpful to you, again the anime drawing tutorial is for absolute beginners, may not be for you if you can already draw mangas.

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