Drawing the woman I love most

Drawing the woman I love most :)

I usually make speed drawing videos to my drawings, but this time, due to some technical issues, I couldn't, I just took a picture every now and then while I was drawing. By the way, this drawing is of me with my mother, few years ago, it took me about 3 days to finish this drawing, I hope you like it, don't hesitate to check out my facebook and instagram pages for more drawings, and subscribe to my Youtube channel for more videos
Thank you!

You can see the drawing steps in this video

The challenge this time was not something new, as I already have drawn old people both men and women, as you can see my mother's face was full of details and that I have to draw in a certain way to give all the wrinkles a realistic look.
Wrinkles are very tempting to all artists and drawer, especially Expert Artists, because they give them something to work for, and it is not easy as it may look, but the outcome is always great.. like for me, this drawing of me and my mother was some kind of achievement for me not only because is it of the woman that I love most in the world but also because of the so many details in the drawing.
Another thing is that my mother is very dark skinned, maybe it doesn't look like so in the drawing but she it, wich means that I had to add a whole layer on her face using an H pencil, also on her hand, then comes the blending, I used a paper blending stick for blending all over the drawing.
All of this would have been easy to see if I made a video! too bad, maybe in the next drawing 

Some people wonder how come I'm light skinned while my mother is very dark skinned, well I'm colorly mixed, because my father is very light skinned, and when I was little I was much lighter, I actually got darker as I grow up, it seems like my mother genes are taking over. But the thing is I discovered that I got only the outside look from my father, but I got the rest from my mother, for example my father is the type of person who get things done right away, I didn't get that from him, I'm more like my mother, we leave things to the last minute, I wish I was like him though, in the time thing, but I also got some stuff from him, like the pride, he give it too much importance that it caused him a lot of troubles before, especially in the army when he was a soldier, also standing for what's right and defending the weak, and finally not changing his principals and morals.. I'm really glad that I got those values from him and I will teach them to my kids if I ever had any.

 wishing you all a great Artistic day or night in whatever you're doing
Enjoy yourself.
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