Miley Cyrus Drawing - time lapse video

Miley Cyrus Drawing - time lapse video (or Speed drawing portrait of Miley cyrus)

This Miley Cyrus Drawing with pencil took me about 3 days to get it done, (maybe because I am not fan of her music lol). it's not easy to pencil draw a portrait of a celebrity like Miley Cyrus because her pictures, Artwork and portrait drawings are everywhere, so people know how she looks like, and there are many Artists and painters who already drew Miley's face so a lot of artistic competition. anyway while I was pencil drawing Miley Cyrus portrait I had her song "Wrecking ball" playing, then "We can't stop".
If you wanna know how to draw Miley Cyrus step by step and you are a beginner, you can just follow my drawing tutorials, till now I made 3 ones: how to draw eyes for beginners, how to draw eyebrows for beginners, and how to draw eyelashes for beginners, you may just follow the steps and copy from a portrait picture of Miley Cyrus, (or any other face portrait). more tutorials for beginners coming on the way just subscribe to my youtube channel to be the first one to see them.
Anyway, I hope that you like this drawing, even if you're not a fan or Miley Cyrus music, this is just an objective Artwork
By the way, this is not the first time that blogger edit my drawing picture, it has already done it with one of my drawings pictures in the past, that's why this portrait drawing picture here looks different from the drawing I uploaded to my facebook page

If you want to watch the speed Portrait Drawing of 
Miley Cyrus here is the link

Lately I have heard that Miley Cyrus is reverting back to her old Hannah Montana style, which is good because I really have no idea or a clue about what she's doing now, what is she trying to prove, those kids are getting pushed by managers further and further, yes they are kids, they should have a normal life just like young people their age, but I guess the world of fame is like a monster that sucks you in once you get close to it, and once you're sucked in you just become one with it and you go with the flow, and then there is the no return point, if you reach it then you could never go back.. as you could see, a lot of great artists in the past lost their lives in a tragic way by going in a dark alley. So yeah it's a good thing if she could still get away while she still can..
Thank you again for being patient and following me, I really have no words to express my gratitude to you fellas you are the best, from the bottom of my heart I wish you a great luck in whatever you are doing in your life.
Have a great day or night and take good care of yourselves and your loved ones
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