Happy new year 2015 - thanks for the subscriptions

Happy new year 2015 - thanks for the 500+ subscriptions

This is a short video to all my subscribers, to show how grateful I am for having them, Thank you so much for watching and subscribing to my youtube channel.
Special thanks also to my 1000+ facebook fans.
Thanks to my twitter followers
Thank you all for liking and commenting on my stuff throughout all the year 2014.
I wish you all a happy new year 2015 full of love, joy and happiness, and may all your dreams come true.
I will try my best, in this new year 2015, to step up my game, and make better drawing videos, better short films and short movies, and more intertaining stuff. stay tuned.
Any kind of feedback is very welcome! in comments or also you can send me an email here: hellxfun@yahoo.com

Much love
Smail Jr

The idea of this drawing is not originally mine actually, I have seen it somewhere and copied it, I did not post this drawing claiming that I am the inventor of it, I posted this drawing to celebrate the new year, but now I do not know who the inventor of the idea is so I can give them credit. if you have any idea please contact me
So again, this is me showing and expressing gratitude to everyone who has ever watched subscribed or liked any of my visual content, Thank you guys so much, I will always be grateful, I have no words really, no matter if you are one of my old subscribers, or a new one, or just someone who watched one of my videos once, I am still grateful and I say thank you from the bottom of my heart, you all are giving me the strength to keep going everyday and not give up.. you are the best
fivev years later I got 10 times the nulber of subscribers now, I'm extremely grateful do not get me wrong, except that I feel like everyone is busy, I don't see any real reactions from those followers, not like I used to do when I had only 500 person, life got busy and the number of content creators exposing their artwork online double hundereds of time, so I do not blame anybody.. I just feel nostalgic to when the internet was not as busy and crowded as it is nowadays.. competition got really crazy now, real artists has rose the bar really high for beginners.. and it is still getting crazier and crazier, a lot of amateur beginner gave up and stopped making art, simply because they do not get any recognition anymore, who can blame them.. art is made with love of course but still, a little reward in return will never hurt anybody. So if you are reading this please start supporting small artists, they are going through huge stuggles and challenges. a little comment or a simple like can make a big difference for them. I know, I have been there myself.
Thank you again
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