How to Draw Rihanna

How to Draw Rihanna

This Rihanna Drawing with pencil took me about two hours to make, it's not easy to draw a portrait of someone famous like Rihanna because her pictures and portrait drawings are everywhere, so people know how she looks like and they will compare, because there are many people who already drew Rihanna's face hence a lot of competition, 

I made some mistakes in this portrait drawing but they are not that bad, the lighting system I used made me not able to freestyle my drawing. 
While I was pencil drawing Rihanna portrait I had her song "Man down" playing, then "I'm a friend with a monster".
The har was actually easy to draw, I used mainly two pencils, a light and a dark one, so the more you head towards the reflection of light the less dark the hair should be, it goes in a gradiant way.. I am thinking about making a toturial about how to draw hair since many people asked me about it.

If you wanna know how to draw Rihanna step by step and you are a beginner, you can just follow my drawing tutorials, till now I had made 3 ones: how to draw eyes for beginners, how to draw eyebrows for beginners, and how to draw eyelashes for beginners, you may just follow the steps and copy from a portrait picture of Rihanna that you can get from the internet. 

more tutorials for beginners coming on the way just subscribe to my channel to be the first one to see them.

Anyway, I hope that you like this drawing, even if you're not a fan or Rihanna's music, this is just an objective Artwork.
here is the Rihanna speed drawing video

Recently I have seen a pic of Rihanna with dreadlocks, and if you don't know me, I am an old dreadhead and I have a youtube channel dedicated to dreadlocks and also a blog about dreadlocks So I actually loved her look with dreadlocks, even if they're not real ones but extentions.. maybe she will get real ones one day.. I also saw a trailer of a movie with Sandra Bullock and Rihanna was in it, is she going to act finally?? and how about her relationships with a rich Arab Prince? I think he's is from Saoudi Arabia, are they going to get married?
Anyway I hope that you like this pencil portrait drawing of Rihanna, I wish I could add her song "Man Down" to it, but you know.. I will have copyright issues, and it is gonna be a struggle if I wanted to get permission to use her song in my video, could take me forever.
I will not forget as always to show gratitude for my followers and subscribers, you guys are the best, and like I said, either you are a fan of Rihanna or not, this will not stop you from appreciating a piece of art.

wishing you a great luck in whatever you are doing in your life from the very bottom of my heart.
Stay positive and be happy
peace and love to everyone
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