Drawing Portrait Pencil beautiful Czech girl

Drawing Portrait Pencil

Drawingd my Czech friend Lucka
This is the new Portrait drawing I was working on lately that I mentioned in my last post. I have finished drawing it for a while and it was on my facebook fan page I just didn't post it on here. So here I am :)
The girl is from Czech republic her name is Lucka. As you can see she has a very special beauty, just like most of the people from Czech republic that I have met, and I still couldn't find any explanation, once somebody told me that it is a cultural thing for Czech people especially women to take good care of them selves and their beauty routines.. I don't know maybe it's true, and by the way I am not the only one who says that, many other people agree with me.
Anyway, back to Lucka.. her face caught my eyes from the first time, We met last year at the hotel where I was working, she was staying there with her family, they are all very nice people.. anyway her facial features were very special I could see the drawing portrait before doing it. But I must admit that the hair was hard to draw, hair is always hard in Portrait drawings but this one took me a long time to finish it.
But actually the picture I used to draw did not do the girl good, it did not show her real beauty, she looks way better than that, but this photo was the only one I could find that is great quality and high resolution.

I used my usual set of pencils, three from different shades each, and my usual white papers.

As I have been doing with my last few Portrait drawings here is the making of Video if you wanna watch it.

The drawing video may not be of the best quality as you may notice some shaking, it is because I still don't have the best equipment, I am planning to buy an tripod and a better camera, untill then I will keep trying to get the best out of what I have.

and here is the link to the this Portrait drawing on my facebook page and why not like the whole page while you're at it, so you could get the latest updates, portraits, celebrities drawings, videos, tutorials...

I Hope that you like my drawings and videos so far, and please stay tuned, more creations are coming soon.. and do not hesitate to check out my other drawings and watch my other videos, and why not subscribe.. I'm putting the link to my youtube channel all over this website :D You can see the link to subscribe on the side bar menu

And like always I want to show my gratitude to all my true followers that have been with me for years, you guys are the best, there are no words to express how thankful I am to you, you give me strength and power to keep on going and making more art, without you i would have given up long time ago so THANK YOU SO MUCH
Peace and love and stay blessed
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