Drawing Portrait Pencil: Sunglasses

Drawing portrait pencil sunglasses

This portrait drawing is very special, first thing is that it's the first time I draw sunglasses, even if it's not on the eyes, but the sunglasses are still there in the drawing and it's not easy, it's always hard to draw something that has a some kind of geometric shape, because you need tools and stuff, and also because sunglasses are dark and dark stuff take a lot of work in drawing.
Anyway, I hope I did well.
The second thing that makes this Portrait drawing special is that because I cought the live reaction of the girl when she saw her drawing for the first time, it's not the first time I see someone's reaction after I draw them it has happened to me once or twice before, but it's the first time I got the reaction on video, I was quite a nice experience.
Not many people get to have their portrait drawings from me, this was actually an exception, it was her birthday gift by the way.
Her name is Agnieszka, she's from Poland, we met for the first time in 2013, she's very beautiful and she's very nice too.
below you can watch the speed drawing portrait, and also her reaction when she saw it
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I'm actually working on a new portrait drawing that I will upload as soon as I'm done.

Little update
Coming back to this drawing that brings back so many wonderful memories, I think it was not good to highlight only the sunglasses part. I mean I worked pretty hard on drawing a hole beautiful face and only talked about sunglasses?? really weird when I look at it now. I also forgot to mention my great pencils that I have used in drawing this portrait.. I think two major ones H2 and B2, and maybe a tiny sharp one for the tiny areas, and of course the paper blending stick and the eraser.. I don't think I have used the eraser that much though, it was a drawing that I did with love, and I hardly make any mistkes when I draw with love, I kinda take great care of the art piece that I am working on.
I also will not forget to show gratitude to:
My fans and followers, you guys are the best, especially the ones who stayed with me for all these years, Thank you so much, I have no words to describe how grateful I am. 
Agnieszka (the girl in the drawing) fr being nice and sweet.. Too bad we didn't get the chance to meet again, or maybe we will soon as I am planning a trip to Europe next september/October 2018, so maybe I wil have the chance to meet her again, I am really looking forward to my Europtrip.
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