Drawing Portrait: girl with blue eyes

Drawing Portrait of a girl with blue eyes

Helloooooo everyone! it has been a very very long time since I have posted a drawing in this blog! I thought for a while that I may never post my Art on it again, that's why I have created a new one, but it happened that I got that one back, so I am back to posting on it.. 
I also wasn't drawing portraits lately like I used to do before. I miss drawing so much, and that's why I am back.. 
This would be the first drawing portrait I post in 2014. It's a drawing of my very beautiful friend Natalia. she has very pretty blue eyes.

as you can see, Drawing colored eyes is a little bit different than Drawing black eyes or dark color eyes.. since it's only a pencil drawing, (so it would be black and white) then you have to give the impression that those eyes are colored without the use of colores (hope that makes sense lol).
most of this drawing's eyes are lightly colored and that's the trick you do when you want to draw colored eyes.
to give it a shiny look, you can leave a spot or two inside the eyes that would be totally white.. like it's a reflection of light.. and that's what it is for real.. Drawing eyes is not as hard as it might seem, you just need to see and remember all the different things the human eye have.. 
Maybe browse different pictures of eyes to see how they really look, so when you come to drawing you know how it looks like, even if the eyes you are drawing are not clear or something, you can still draw them like they are.. Because you simply know what's in there.

Anyway, hope that you're going to see more drawings from me in the future, I have uploaded some to my facebook page if you want to see, and maybe "like" :)
stay tuned.

Little update:
This is the first attempt for me to draw Natalia (I drew her again after this one), I wouldn't say that I didn't like this drawing that's why I decided to draw her another time but I would say that I kinda felt that I could do a better job, and I think I did.. This is one of the rare times when I drew the same face twice, maybe because I like this girl so much, she is indeed one of the best people I have met in my life
As always I have used my usual pencils, 2h and 2b, along with a paper blending stick, an eraser and a very tiny sharp pencil.
Finally I should thank all my fans and followers for all the support they gave me through all these years.
Thank you so much
Stay blessed!
Peace and Love

Update number 2:
Natalia has broken a record again, because I drew her a 3rd time.. but this time I tried something different, I cartoonized her face, I applied the techniques that I explained in this Article. It was my gift to her for her birthday! I must say that I am new to cartoonizing pictures, so it was just a test and challenge for me.
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