Half face

Drawing half face

Drawing portrait, if you don't want to draw the whole thing you can just draw half of it.. have you ever tried drawing a half portrait and then put it next to a mirror to see how the full picture would look like?? I just did, I must say the portrait was not as I thought It would be, but it was a drawing technique that I wanted to use, was kind of bored and wanted to draw a portrait, but don't know how that idea jumped into my head.. anyway, if drawing portraits interested you there are couple of techniques that could help you improving.

In this picture below you can see how it looks in full, as if it was put next to a mirror, I actually used photoshop to make it, I made a copy of the half face and reversed it
It really looks different from seeing just the half of it, I'm kinda dissapointed, and it looks a little creepy too.

And by the way, this drawing was all from my imagination, thing that I don't usually do, I only copy from existing photos.. I guess this was the second time I draw something from my imagination, I guess that is another reason why I didn't finish the whole face. I must say that I am really proud of the result, I did a great job for something that I am not used to, drawing from my imagination was like getting out of my comfort zone. I haven't done it much since then but still, the few times I did it I think I nailed it. So I think I will start to believe that getting out of your comfort zine is the way for a good change, you grow by doing new things and if you stick to your old habit then nothing new will come to your life.
Another thing that I find fascinating about drawing imaginary figures, what if there is a girl somewhere that looks exactly like this one I drew?? wouldn't that be awsome? would I meet her one day? if I ever do, would I recognize her? how would be our reactions to each other?? what if this face I drew doesn't exist now? maybe have existed in the past or will exist in the future?? or what if this person never existed and never will, does that mean I created a face? (unlikely because all the face pattern must have been used by now)
Lots of questions that brobablly no one could ever answer.

In the end, it's just a drawing that I had fun creating

Thank you so much for checking my website and I hope that you like what you are seeing, any feedback from your side is welcomed. And as always I won't miss the chance to thank my faithful followers for helping and supporting me through the long years I have been active online.. There are no words to express my true gratitude. Wish you all the best in your lives and may all your dreams come true
peace and love
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